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Up in the Derbyshire hills this time along with dozens of walkers, dogs, climbers and mossies. It is surprising how much wildlife is about even, sometimes particularly, where there are a lot of people. The downside is that there is very little time to make a picture before the next rambler comes along and frightens the subject off. Point and shoot wasn’t an artistic choice today, it was the only option.

One of the things that I especially like about the British countryside is the restrained palette of colours. Kingfishers aside, there not many native birds that one could say were vibrantly coloured. Even male bullfinches are clothed in a rosy, pinkish hue of scarlet. We have so many birds that go about their business dressed from head to foot in brown drab, that most people scarcely even notice them.

Freeze frame and look closely and they are delicately coloured and so I have a very soft spot for pipits and warblers, dunnocks and wrens and female ducks. The countryside up there in the hills is beautifully shaded to complement them as well, in shades of grey and soft purples. A beautiful thing.  

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